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Live music offers entertainment, atmosphere and style to any event. If you are looking for corporate party bands for hire, look no further than Pulse Music Live. Corporate events will differ in nature across industries. Every business will have its personal niche, tone and soul. This blog looks at different types of corporate events and the most-suited live music genres to enhance the experience for employees, colleagues, clients and guests.


A seminar aims to educate a group of people, much like a workshop or conference, but generally shorter. Seminars are a great way of generating leads and informing people about your company. Therefore, you may wish for live music to set the ambience before the event or perhaps during a lunch or dinner break. Jazz music brings a sophisticated edge to any event, whether a solo smooth jazz artist or a jazz band. Depending on the industry, you may wish to consider classical music, as this genre is elegant and often a powerful yet subtle addition.

Team-building Event

Team-building events aim to boost morale and bring employees together. They often involve fun, collaborative tasks such as problem solving or role-playing to strengthen team relationships. You could even arrange a thrill-seeking experience like outdoor sporting activities or an escape room. With this fun element in mind, you may opt for Pop music to keep the upbeat feel throughout the day. With well-known and well-loved classics, your team will continue to bond. Another fantastic option would be Motown for lively crowd pleasers and mood-boosting vibes.


Launching a new product? Or branch? A launch party is a corporate event which celebrates and showcases the launch of a new business arm. This is an effective way of creating a lively buzz for your business and should therefore have an energetic and celebratory tone. As with team-building events, Pop and Motown music will never let you down. However, if your launch relates to a high-end product, service or business, you could incorporate classy yet engaging Jazz.


Fundraising events often involve a blend of entertaining and raising awareness, with the key aim of raising funds for a given cause. All live music genres have benefits that could help lift the atmosphere of a fundraising event, but if the guests are to spend a lot of time outside, you may be best with a full band for your corporate party band hire, either celebrating the classics or encouraging guests to sing along.

Appreciation Ceremony

Appreciation events are ideal if you want to thank employees, clients or partners. Whether it be a sit-down meal, group bonding day or evening drinks, threading live music through the event will enhance the experience. Classical instruments bring an ideal background to champagne and finger foods, whereas Jazz or classic Pop could encourage your guest to celebrate together on the dancefloor after a beautiful meal.

Corporate Party Bands for Hire

Whether your corporate event is a dancing occasion or a laid-back affair, we have professional and exceptionally talented musical artists to bring your event alive with solo or group musical entertainment.

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