We’re here to help make your booking process as easy and stress free as possible. That’s why we’ve come up with some useful information below so that you can be sure you’re booking with confidence.

Q: Why should we use Pulse Music Live to hire bands / artists?

A: We are a trusted business ran by musicians with integrity and transparency at the heart of everything we do. Booking with Pulse Music Live is one safe and secure source. We will provide you with a detailed contract setting out all terms and conditions and we provide advice and guidance including suggestions if you are unsure on what type of act you would like. Once a booking has been confirmed we are here to answer any questions right up until your event.

Q: What can I expect to pay for live music entertainment?

A: A professional wedding or function band will often cost between £850 and £2000 depending on the popularity of the band and also the number of members. A duo who may perform during your wedding breakfast for example would typically cost between £400 and £700. A solo artist who may perform during your drinks reception, as a guide would typically cost between £250 to £550.

Q: Do the band provide all equipment required to perform?

A: Yes, all artists have an industry standard PA system and all relevant equipment required to perform at your event.

Q: How do I know the band will be as good live as they appear on their promo video?

A: You will have most likely seen the artists video but you may not have seen them live. Pulse Music Live will endeavour to arrange a viewing of the band so you can see them live, however these opportunities are often limited, given that most if not all bookings are private (i.e. weddings or functions). Pulse Music Live are run by professional musicians and quality is at the heart of everything we do. In fact our motto is music first… quality always which is why we personally vet all artists to ensure an extremely high quality standard, which means you can book with confidence.

Q: Do artists provide a DJ service?

A: Most artists can provide a DJ service and they can play music prior to, in between and after their second set until midnight, which will be included in their price. This will save an additional cost of hiring a separate DJ.

Q: Can I view the artist set list?

A: Yes, however if they don't have a specific set list they can send you their song list. You may be able to pick one or two of your favourite songs but please leave the rest of set to the artist as they know how to best arrange the order and song choices.

Q: Can the band learn our first dance?

A: Most artists will be happy to do this with sufficient notice, however please bear in mind the singers vocal range as a Michael Jackson number might be a step too far!

Q: How long does it take for an artist to set up?

A: Each artists set up time will vary depending on the number of members but as a guide a solo / duo would most likely take between 30 minutes to one hour, whereas a 4 / 5 piece band could take 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes.

Q: How long will a band / artist perform?

A: Typically for evening entertainment, a band will perform 2 x 45 minute sets with a break in between. This is essentially the industry standard, however some acts will play 3 x 30 minute sets or 2 x 1 hour sets depending on clients needs.

Q: What happens if the artist cancels?

A: In the unlikely event that an artist cancels we will endeavour to find an emergency act replacement to ensure that there will be entertainment at your event.

Q: How do I secure a booking for an artist?

A: To secure the booking of any artist for a private event a small deposit would be required payable via BACS transfer to a secure account.

Q: What happens if our venue requires the artist to provide Public Liability insurance?

A: All of our artists have Public Liability Insurance and we will provide proof of their certificate via email upon request.

Q: What happens if our venue requires artists to provide confirmation of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

A: All of our artists have their equipment PAT tested (unless it’s less than 12 months old where there is no requirement). If you require this please let us know and we will send the artists PAT testing certificate.

Q: Should food and drink be provided for the band / artist?

A: Typically most bands providing evening entertainment at a wedding will be out of the house for around 8 to 10 hours, so if you could include band members into your evening buffet numbers this will always be very much appreciated.

If you’ve got a question we haven’t answered, just let us know and we’ll get you an answer.

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We also have a top tips guide for booking live music. If you would like a copy of the guide, just email with “Top Tips” in the email title.