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Is it Worth Having a Band at Your Wedding?

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Are you planning your wedding and wondering whether you should hire a wedding band instead of a DJ? If you are browsing North East wedding bands and unsure if a wedding band suits your big day, you have come to the right place. Here we look at why having a band perform at your wedding could be the perfect addition to your day.

The Atmosphere of Live Music

Music creates feelings and atmosphere, whether strings, piano, guitar or sax, and wedding music has the power to evoke emotions. There is nothing like hearing your favourite songs played live. It can add a magical layer to the day for many wedding parties. Live music can make the hairs on your neck stand up or your heart race with love, nostalgia and happiness with just the opening few bars when done right. While wedding DJs are a good option for some, they do not have that atmospheric connection with the event or the versatility that North East wedding bands offer.

Personalise Your Wedding Music

You discuss your music taste, wedding theme and expectations with your wedding band, and they can create a bespoke wedding playlist to compliment your day perfectly, from the service and photos to the evening reception. If you would like your favourite rock song played on strings, tell them! That is not something a DJ could provide. Hiring a professional North East wedding band offers adaptability, making it easy to tailor to your musical tastes and cater for your guests.

First Dance

The first dance is a memorable and personal occasion for newlyweds, allowing the guests to tenderly observe the happy couple’s love and joy. A skipping song played at the wrong volume could dampen the moment – a risk you won’t need to take when hiring a professional wedding band. If you want to hire a North East wedding band, don’t hesitate to request precisely what you want. You will be surprised at the musical wonders they can offer.

Engage the Crowd

Creating a memorable experience for everyone will bring those gold-dust photo moments and fill the venue with love. Your wedding band will know how to engage the crowd and fuel the enjoyment of the event. Guests might want to request songs, and different generations may wish to enjoy a mixture of older and new music. This is easily catered for with bespoke live wedding music. Your wedding venue will be alive with the sound of classic and contemporary songs alike.

Should I Hire a Wedding Band? – Conclusion

Whether jazz lights your fire or 90s anthems are your desire, a live wedding band is an experience for everyone, from when your guests arrive to when they leave. The personal addition of bespoke music played live, with emotion and delicacy, or passion and volume, could take your wedding from amazing to perfect. If you are considering North East wedding bands for your wedding, what are you waiting for? The ideal musical arrangement is just around the corner.

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