How to be Confident About Booking Singers for Valentine’s Day

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Booking the right singers for Valentine’s Day can be challenging for corporate event planners,
restaurant managers and even star-crossed lovers. You see, there are more tunesmiths touting their
wares for Valentine’s bookings than roses at the florist. But truthfully, not all singers for Valentine’s
Day are Cupid-approved.
You want to melt your audience’s hearts with singers they’ll swoon over. But it’s impossible to know
which singers are sure to capture hearts – and which ones are heartbreakers!
So, it’s worth bearing a few key factors in mind to ensure your V-Day singers are sweeter than

What Type of Singers for Valentine’s Day will Your Audience Love?

When love is in the air, you want it to sound just like your singers. After all, the musical backdrop is
integral for setting the scene at your event or venue. But it’s not going to be your most crush-worthy
moment yet if your singer tinkers with experimental jazz when your crowd wants sensual soul.
In addition, what sort of dynamic are your envisioning? Do you want a subtle yet potent solo
acoustic, filled with the incredibly heart-racing sounds of Josh Hodgson? Or an explosive
combination of show-stopping multi-instrumentals and rich vocals of a Soul Band?

Are Your Dream Singer and Budget the Perfect Match?

The more experienced and sought-after a singer is, the higher you can expect their price tag to be.
And if they’re that good, they might quadruple their Valentine’s rate. But, don’t go breaking your
heart just yet.
There’s plenty more fish in the sea, in fact, there’s so many that you need to be extra mindful who
you fall for. When all is said and done, the last thing you want is a Valentine’s Day massacre on your
hands! To this end, a trustworthy entertainment agency can help you find singers for Valentine’s Day
that speak to your heart and your bank balance.

Do You Have a Fantasy Set List?

It isn’t necessary to all but get up on stage yourself and do the set for them. But you can get the best
out of your singers by ensuring they’re prepped and ready to play any deal-breaking must-have
power ballads, (several times, if necessary). By getting your requests in early – ideally at pre-booking
stage – your chosen singers for Valentine’s Day can compile their entire setlist around your
preferences, from the sexiest Motown sounds to the dark side of the ‘80s.

At Pulse Music Live, we’ve got the most sought-after north east roster of very different but equally
swoon-worthy singers for Valentine’s Day. So, don’t leave it a second longer! Get in touch if you
want to say it with music this Valentine’s Day.
We have the experience to get to the heart of what will ignite your passion – and that of your
audience. And if you’ve got your heart set on one of our artistes, they’ll even learn a new song or
two for you if you want something that’s not in their existing repartee.