Do You Really Need Party Bands in the North East for Your Next Event?

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It’s no surprise there’s heaps of party bands in the north east to choose from. After all, the north
east is well-known for being a party capital of the UK. But there’s a burning question about them,
whether you’re planning a corporate bash or a personal celebration…

Do you really need party bands in the north east? What about a DJ instead? Don’t they usually cost
less? And saving your own playlist on your MP3 player doesn’t cost anything at all!
When everybody is keeping a tighter rein on the purse strings, how worthwhile is it to splash some
extra cash on live music?

The thing is, party bands in the north east bring a special dash of magic that’s impossible to replicate
or cut corners on. Let us explain…

Why Party Bands in the North East are Worth Paying that Little Bit Extra for

Live party bands in the north east might cost more. But they also guarantee the biggest return on
your investment.
Here’s just a few persuasive reasons to go for live music at your next event or party:

  • Elevated Sense of Occasion – There’s something about a band taking to the stage and
    striking up the music that electrifies the atmosphere. It’s more ‘red-letter’ than a DJ spinning
    tunes. Or, do you really want to rely on your iPod to get your crowd fired up and on their
    feet? For these reasons and more, an exceptional party band adds oodles of value, creating a
    spectacle and making your event more memorable.
  • Compliments Your Event Type – Having a party band to suit your event really takes things
    up a notch. So, how about a ‘too cool for school’ Madchester band for your over-performing
    sales team’s reward and recognition event? A sizzling Cuban vibe to get your summer party
    smouldering? Or sexy soul sounds from Marvin to Michael to Mars for your wedding’s
    evening do?
  • Cuts Across Differences – Live music creates a sense of shared euphoria between your
    guests, regardless of different age groups and personal preferences. What’s more, an
    experienced party band knows how to work a crowd. So, they’ll soon have Granny pelvic
    thrusting to the Time Warp and the teenagers doing The Locomotion!
  • Fulfils Other Roles – A great party band can also help you plug other gaps that need
    covering. For example, a charismatic front person can also take on compering duties, from
    announcing prize winners to leading a toast.
    When all’s said and done, if you’re looking for something extra special to make your party pop, you
    can’t go far wrong with a crowd-pleasing live band.

At Pulse Music Live, we’re well thought of specialist suppliers of party bands in the north east. Our
broad client base includes hotels and venues, brides and grooms and corporate businesses. So, get in touch, whatever the occasion. From soloists to multi-instrumental set-ups, we’re sure to have the perfect party band to ensure your shindig is talked about for years to come.