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Five Wildly Popular Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to in 2023

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Are you thinking about songs to walk down the aisle to in 2023? It’s a gigantic decision to make, because long gone are the days of trotting dutifully down the aisle to the dulcet tones of Here Comes the Bride!

Anything goes in the ‘20s. The diverse range of songs to walk down the aisle to in 2023 can be as traditional or as left-of-centre as your wedding theme and your overall personal style. But there’s much more to it than just choosing your favourite song. You also need to consider – 

  • Duration – Too short and you’ll be speeding down the aisle to reach your groom before the music finishes, or getting caught short half way there! Too long and you’ll be awkwardly waiting for the music to finish.  
  • Gravitas – 21st century weddings aren’t the formulaic affairs they used to be in the 1900s. But walking down the aisle will always be a monumental moment in any bride’s life. A throwaway pop song might lack the dignity, grandeur and solemnity of the occasion.
  • Speed – The pace of a song is equally as important as length, because it sets the tempo at which you walk down the aisle. And truthfully, you want to savour every glorious second, without it feeling too rushed or too meandering.

There’s lots to take in to account. So, here’s some top tips for the songs to walk down the aisle to in 2023 that brides everywhere are loving. (Plus, some of the incredible singers for hire in the north east who are most in demand for wedding hire!)

What are the Best Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to in 2023?

Based on 2022 weddings and also advanced bookings for 2023, here’s just a few of the front-running ‘it list’ songs to walk down the aisle to in 2023.

  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri – This bewitching, lilting song was inspired by the star-crossed love of Twilight’s Bella and Edward, and how their whole lives led up to one perfect moment when they succumbed to it. It’s an inspired choice for walking down the aisle, accompanied by the stunning Annabel Pattinson on acoustic guitar. See her perform here.Better Together by Jack Johnson – It’s the most cute, quirky and humorous way of telling the universal truth: that everything is better when you’re with the person you love, and how anything is possible just by working together.
  • Magic by Coldplay – This subtle yet potent modern classic is perfect for making a contemporary understated entrance. Josh Hodgson is one of the most sought-after wedding singers for hire in the north east. See his mellow yet passionate acoustic version right here and prepare to have your heart melted.  Nocturne, Op 9 by Chopin – Perhaps the most famous of Chopin’s Nocturnes, this beautiful, yearning melody is a timeless classical piece that continues to stand tall as one of the all-time great songs to walk down the aisle to. David Clappison’s hypnotic classical guitar tones makes this ‘old master’ even more magical. Watch here.

    Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheehan  – This deeply emotional song is a dreamy musical interpretation of unconditional love and your undying passion for the person that you’re about to pledge the rest of your life to.


Get in touch with Pulse Music Live. We represent a sensational range of singers for hire who perform the most in-demand songs to walk down the aisle to in 2023. And don’t worry if your favourite hasn’t made this Top 5 list. Our artistes and bands perform many others, and can even learn a new song to suit your personal preference.