Why Live Wedding Band Hire is So Important to Your Big Day

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Wedding band hire brings its own uniquely special brand of magic to your nuptial celebrations.
So, if you’re planning to eat, drink and be married, you’ll want to have wedding band hire on
your wish-list. It’s a surefire way to create those once-in-a-lifetime moments that memories are
made of.

And here’s just a few good reasons why…

5 Ways that Wedding Band Hire Makes Such Sweet Music

High quality wedding band hire elevates your big day beyond your wildest imagination, because it:

  • Adds a Dash of Drama – A phenomenal tribute band, or a band that plays cover versions in a genre you love, brings a performance element that you don’t get with a DJ alone, (though a combination of band and DJ sets is the perfect match for many couples). You see, live performance brings the drama and spontaneity that a DJ
    spinning records can’t replicate. Sure, a DJ can belt out your playlist. But a fabulous live band can interpret your special songs in a different and thrilling way that will electrify your guests.
  • Can be Customised – Wedding band hire can create a highly personalised musical experience. For example, you can’t bend or flex pre-recorded music to your suit your specific party ideas. But live musicians certainly can, at your request, or on unexpected ad-libbed basis. It’s like the difference between admiring an amazing
    photo of the Grand Canyon, or being helicoptered across it in person.
  • Matches the Vibe – A live musician or band creates a two-way relationship with their audience. This includes the ability to read the room and to know when – and importantly, how – to up the ante, keep the energy levels high, or tone it down. The end result is a more enjoyable and exciting experience for your crowd.
  • Is Sonically Superior – Digitally recorded music is sometimes accused of being too ‘compressed’ and lacking in expanse. But that’s not so with wedding band hire, because glorious live music sounds so much better, putting its spell on your captivated guests. There’s no chance of losing the ‘feel’ with live music. On the contrary, live music will take your guests on a fantastic sensory journey beyond the dancefloor and back.
  • Makes Memories – There’s simply nothing like live music for supercharging the atmosphere, igniting the emotions, and creating scenes – and Instagrammable moments – that will last a lifetime.

At Pulse Music Live, we’re well thought of as leading-edge wedding band hire specialists for
many and varied types of celebratory styles. From salsa to swing, or jazz to ‘90s, we’re sure to
have the perfect live music to build your dreams around.

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