Why Choose Live Music for Your Wedding Reception?

In Live Music by Pulse Music Live

A wedding is a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with live music? The joy of music is something that is shared, and on one of the biggest days of your life it should be shared in its purest form: live and unfiltered.

The beauty of live music is that knowing the songs is less important, just pick a cover band or one playing originals in a genre you love. Pulse Music Live has a wide variety of bands playing music from 60’s pop to classical piano, from R&B to fingerstyle guitar. A live performance is just that – a performance, it’s a one-time showcase of talent that you get to witness first-hand and it creates memories that sit alongside those of your wedding day for the rest of your life. Don’t get me wrong, a DJ can play anything you want – all your favourites that you’ve listened to a million times before; but that’s exactly what makes a live performance so special: you haven’t heard this before, this is a moment that will never be repeated, a chance to take in the occasion and live in the moment just like the whole of your wedding day. It’s a chance to appreciate music being created in front of you, unlike a recording that may be neater and sleeker and include music that can’t be performed in the same way, but can never be altered and tweaked by the individuality of a performer. You could compare a recording to a beautiful photograph of a landscape – it’s incredible to look at, but wouldn’t you rather be there taking in the sights in person? A live musician also creates a relationship with their audience and will adapt to fit the ‘energy’ of the room and their audience, making the experience all that more special.

This is not to mention that live music actually sounds better – for the same reasons why records have made such a huge comeback in recent years. Digital recordings are compressed, and the sound waves are ‘squared off’ – with live music you’re getting the raw sound as the musician intends you to hear it. Many people agree that you simply lose the ‘feel’ of the music in a digital recording – of course a recording can be wonderful and it gives you the opportunity to listen as many times as you please, but a great live performance has the character that simply can’t be reproduced in the studio.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding so it’s your choice and you should choose the entertainment that’s going to make it the most special for you. If you want the one-time celebratory experience then live music is certainly the way to go.

Josh Kingcox
Marketing and Communications Officer